Sunshine Games 2017

Y12 Women Epee

Zoya Duarte - Gold Medal

Francesca Granda- bronze Medal

Y14 women Epee

Francesca Granda - Bronze Medal

Y14 Men Epee

Alberto Martinez - Bronze Medal


Emma Monfroy - Bronze Medal

Open Women Epee

Susana Fornaris- Gold Medal

Christine Sanchez- Silver Medal

Emma Monfroy- Bronze Medal

Brichell Villa- Bronze Medal

Veterans Men Epee

Matt Simmons- Gold Medal

Sunshine Games 2016

Open Women Epee:

Susana Fornaris - Gold Medal

Brichell Villa - Bronze Medal, Christine Sanchez- Bronze Medal


Christine Sanchez - Bronze Medal

Open Mixed Epee:

Alpacino Perez -Gold Medal

Veterans Men Epee:

Andres Lopez- Gold Medal, Alpacino Perez - Silver Medal

Y10 Men Epee:

Jose Pinero -Bronze Medal

Sunshine Games 2015

Open Women Epee: Yamara Escalante - Gold Medal ,

Emma Monfroy - Silver Medal , Catalina Carrillo - Bronze Medal  

Y14 Women Epee:  Grabiela  Martinez - Bronze Medal,

  Sarah  Rahman - Bronze Medal

D  Under  Mixed  Epee: Victor Rivera  Gold Medal 

Veterans  Men Epee: Andres Lopez - Bronze Medal 

Veterans  Men Foil : Andres Lopez - Bronze Medal

D Under Mixed Foil: Tyler Granada -  Gold Medal 

49th Annual Green Gator 2015

Mixed Epee. Tyler Granada: Bronze Medal (61 Competitors)

Sunshine Games 2014

Open Women Epee:   Vanessa Gonzalez - Gold Medal  ,

  Yamara Escalante -Bronze Medal

Y14 Women Epee:  Christine Sanchez -Silver Medal  ,

 Vanessa Gonzalez -Bronze Medal

 DIV III under D Men Epee:  Manuel Matus  -Bronze Medal 

​North American Cup Memphis Tennessee 2014.

Y14 Team Women EpeeEpee Miami- 6th Place

Region 6 Central Florida RYC 2014

Y12 Mixed Epee: Fernando Carrillo-Gold Medal 

48 Annual Green gator 2014

DIV III EpeeVanessa Gonzalez - Bronze Medal (52 fencer).

Sunshine States Games 2013 .

Senior Women Epee:  Brichell Villa-Gold Medal

Y14 Woman Epee: Christine Sanchez- Bronze Medal

Div III Men Epee: Manuel Matus-Bronze Medal

 Sunshine States Games 2012.

Y14  Men Epee:  Tyler Granada- Silver Medal

Sunshine States Games 2011 

Senior Women Epee:  Yamara  Escalante- Silver medal 



Thanksgiving Tournament November 18,2017

Y14, Y12 & Y10 &  Senior Mixed&
Senior Women

New year Tournament January 21,2018

Y8 Mixed Epee & Y10 Mixed Epee

Senior women Epee & Senior Mixed Epee

Spring Tournament  March 3,2018

Y12  Mixed Epee & Div2  Mixed Epee &Senior Mixed Epee 

May Tournament May 5, 2018

 Senior Mixed Epee 
 Y10 Mixed Epee & Y14 Mixed Epee 

Pre-Sunshine Games Tournament 

June 9,2018

 Y10 Mixed  Epee & Senior Mixed Epee
  Div2 Senior Mixed Epee


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Epee  Miami  Fencing  Club

​​​*** I N V I T A T I O N ***

1st Annual Camp Holguin International Fencing Camp

Dear  Friend of Epee Miami Fencing Club:

Our club will be hosting the 1st  Annual Camp Holguin International Fencing Camp in Holguin Cuba.
Holguin, Cuba our home town and where the sport of Fencing first took hold for our vision in developing exceptional, disciplined and world class fencers internationally.

 ​When: March  26th thru 30th of March 2018

Who: Adult fencers of all Levels

Weapons:  Epee

For more information please contact:

 Coach Yamara Escalante

Epee Miami Fencing Club

Contact: 786-282-3804.

 Thank you we are looking forward to seeing you in Holguin